Information, Advice and Guidance

Three Dimensional Training pride ourselves in our knowledge of the industry, funding and opportunities for our employers and guidance for our learners.

3D Training provide Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) to support our employers find the best solutions for their organisation, linking in with the best funding opportunities available.

We work closely with individuals to identify and support their learning, their developmental targets and support their choice of career.

3D training work with all of our clients to see the bigger picture and support referrals and links in with other organisations to ensure that their solutions are not limited to our offering and strive always to do the best by our employers and learners. We have learnt over the years that this ensures our excellent reputation and trust that employers and individuals can come to our team for advise which offers them their best outcomes.

If you are either an employer or an individual who is looking for Information, Advice or Guidance then please give our friendly team a call. If we cannot help you directly we will certainly support you to find someone who can.