Testimonials & Case Studies

At First Ark, we work closely with 3D Training to deliver a wide variety of training to our employees. 3D deliver apprenticeships at First Ark, Management training, customer service, conflict resolution training and many more. They are able to look into any of our training requests in order to source us the best trainer for our learning needs.

Since working with 3D Training they have always been very professional and accommodating. They are always willing to liaise with our managers and Learning & Development team to ensure our training is bespoke and exactly what we require. Communication from 3D Training is always really good and they are open to feedback and act upon this accordingly.

We have a great working relationship with 3D Training with a great mutual respect between both parties and we do actively recommend 3D Training to other employers.

Erin Ambrose, Learning & Development Coordinator, First Ark

I can honestly say during my time completing my Qualification Nicky has been a fantastic support. I recently experienced a number of personal issue’s which resulted in me postponing my qualification, Nicky has assisted in getting me back up to speed, I do not believe I would have been able to of continued with my qualification if it was not for her dedication and commitment; testimony to the progress I have made.

She is fantastic leader and an influential coach, I have learnt a number of tools from Nicky that I have been able to utilise within my current role. She is a credit to your organisation and I have already expressed an interest in wanting to progress from a qualification perspective this is due to the ongoing support I have had from Nic!

Jake Barnett, Operations Manager, The Contact Company

Liverpool Cathedral has used 3D training for over 2 years, the reason we continue to go back to 3D training is because of the support they provide to our Volunteers who are looking for work. 3D training have engaging tutors who have open communication channels and are able to provide solutions to problems. The team are helpful and always available to offer support and advice.

Paul O’Brien, Executive Director, Micah Liverpool

It is something that makes us very proud at 3D Training, when we have supported individuals and impacted on their lives. Here is Leeanna’s story...

Inspiring Dreams & Customer Service Training – by Leeanna Husan

Leeanna Husan

I was on the Inspiring Dream’s programme at Our House which was run through my Housing Association Magenta Living. On the programme we looked at our learning styles and at our goals in life and how we would get there. I have worked as a chef and have an interest in food, so my aim is to have my own restaurant. We talked and did activities on resilience and how we can be resilient.

We attended the underground gym and had a great day. While we were there we did team activities and used the equipment. I was scared about going but once we got there we had a great time. Nicky also took us top the park and did a boxing class with us, which was cold but was good fun. Another session was about communication and why this is important especially when we apply for jobs. We also looked at what was needed for getting a job and how body language says a lot about us. We learnt about the importance of eating healthily and how to relax. On the last day we worked with Gary who was an artist and we created an image that represented what our goals were. This was great fun, and everyone enjoyed it.

At the end of Inspiring Dreams I went on the Customer Service programme that Nicky was running. This has helped me loads as I applied for a job at The Contact Company and am now working for Argos FS. I really enjoy my job and have met lots of new people who are helping me. Getting the job has helped me with my confidence and I have realised I have more skills than I thought I had and has helped with my mental health by giving me a purpose and something to get up for.

I wasn’t sure if I’d enjoy the courses, but they have helped me loads and I enjoyed all the sessions. I would recommend it to anyone.

Nicky helped me to realise that I could achieve anything I wanted to, she helped me with my confidence and is still supporting me."

Thank you for a great learning experience.

Well what can I say? This morning’s course was absolutely fantastic, everybody enjoyed themselves and there is definitely an afterglow and buzz around Nightingales since Nicky left.

I have to say Nicky was outstanding, especially given the circumstances, a crowd of service users who were albeit here for the right reasons but were nethertheless not your usual classroom based students. Nicky’s ability to present a course in an informative, interesting and entertaining way was essential and to present with such good humour in order to engage with all individuals which another tutor may have found difficult was exactly what was required.

I admit I did have my concerns about the session, only due to the environment and the attitude of our client group which can be unpredictable but Nicky soon put any concerns to rest. Honestly I could not have hoped for a better, well planned, structured and executed training session, this has been echoed by several of the service users who attended, indeed people have approached me already enquiring when Nicky will be returning.

Thank you for providing this opportunity to our service users and can you pass on my/course students thanks once again to Nicky, we all look forward to seeing her again and hearing more about the inspiring dreams course which Nicky agreed to forward the details for. I look forward to our next conversation and indeed a collaborative future.

Mark Little, Partnership Facilitator, Recovery Works